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Our Services

 The Glam Room offers everything you need to confidently face the world and present the best version of YOU!

~ Microblading/PMU

~ Eyelash Extensions

~ Makeup

~ Hair Styling

~ Waxing

~ Microscalp


Permanent makeup does not restrict the use of cosmetics - eyeliner, contour pencils, mascara, and/or eye shadow. On the contrary, it supports.

A classic eyelash enhancement makeup involves filling the space between the lashes with a special pigment.


Powder Brows

This is a technique for clients who prefer fuller results with a powder look. This technique mimics soft makeup done with an eyebrow pencil or shadow.  It is perfect for clients with oilier skin, larger pores, or for those with existing brow hair since it creates the illusion of more hair with a very natural look.   

Hybrid brows

This technique provides a denser look. It is created by combining the hair - like microblading strokes - with hundreds of tiny dots to provide a fuller look.  


This procedure is designed to define the lips - shape & color - as opposed to providing volume or puffiness.  

If you need to show symmetrical, balanced upper and lower lips we can correct them adding color, resulting in a more natural "blush"  than lipstick can provide.

Lip tattoos are meant to enhance lips, as opposed to creating actual fullness. The color will remain during any activity and gives a more youthful, fresh look and healthier appearance. The outcome is natural and gorgeous!


This procedure involves only the upper eyelid or the entire eye cut. Liner is faint in this type of makeup. Makeup with shading usually has no clear lines and reminds the user of an eyeshadow with liner. Contouring technique needs a bright liner. The arrow can be both hardly visible and quite bold, starting from the center of the eye or from the inner corner, exceeding or not exceeding the eye.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can change  eye shape, hide minor defects, and lift the drooping eyelid corners to make them look more open and expressive.

The Glam Room uses several techniques as follow:

The eyelash extensions are applied with a semi-permanent adhesive to each of your individual natural lashes by a professional lash stylist (or lash artist). Lash extensions are typically applied based on the different growth stages of your natural lashes' needs. As with everything else, though, there’s an exception to every rule!

Eyelash extensions can be applied to your lashes individually or in clusters (fans). You can get a full set, which means extensions are applied to all of your individual lashes. Depending on your eye characteristics we offer several options for a gorgeous look!

Your eye characteristics must be analyzed as follows:

  • Your eye shape – almond, upturned, downturned, round, or protruding
  • The size of your eyes – large, small or in-between
  • Your eyelids – monolids and hooded eyelids have different considerations than other lid types
  • The orientation of your eyes – deep-set, wide-set, close-set
  • The qualities of your natural lashes – their length, volume, color, and curl (if any)
  • Natural look vs. a glamorous or dramatic look

One of the latest trends is volume lashes. With this type of extension, there are 2-10 ultra-lightweight lashes applied to each of your own natural lashes. You can choose either 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, or 10D lash options.

There are a variety of lash extensions that come in a range of lengths (9 mm to 15 mm). The length selected will depend on the thickness or fineness of your own lashes. So, the length, diameter, and curl are key to achieving the look you desire!

The Glam Room can help you with the Glam Look!


Natural Makeup

Professional makeup application to achieve a bespoke natural look in 60 minutes. Our makeup artists will give you immaculate, glowing skin with the perfect makeup to emphasize your natural features.  

Glamorous Makeup

A show-stopping glamorous look with one hour of professional makeup application. Your mobile makeup artist will deliver you a red-carpet look of your choice for special events or simply when you need to pull out all the stops.  

Bridal Trail

Ensure your big day is perfect by planning your makeup ahead of the big day.  Practice at least one makeup that looks perfect.

Bridal Makeup

Makeup on your big day by your dedicated wedding makeup artist.  Please also book the Bridal Makeup Trial to ensure your professional knows exactly how you would like to look on the day.

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial

A trial run for your wedding hair and makeup with one of our professionals you would like to use on the big day.  The treatment includes a previous consultation with one of our professionals and the opportunity to try out at least one makeup and hair look for the big day.

Bridal Hair & Makeup 

Bridal hair and makeup customized according to your requirements, to look perfect on that special day! 

Please ensure you have booked the bridal trial beforehand to ensure you look absolutely perfect on the big day.

Hair Styling


A professional blow-dry is the secret to looking fabulous no matter what.  Top hairstylists will blow dry your hair to your requirements, experts in both the bouncy blowout and super sleek. (45 mins)

Blowdry & Styling

For when your blow-dry needs a little extra. Our professionals' blowout will be finished with the styling of your choice, including tonging, curlers, braiding, or up-styling. (60 mins)

UpDo (Including Blowdry)

Hair up by our hairstylist who will create a classic updo of your choice including romantic chignons, glossy ponytails, and intricate braided styles.  (60 min)

Bridal Trial

A trial for hairstyling ahead of your wedding. Try at least one different hairstyle to ensure what you really want to look perfect on the big day.

Bridal Hair

Bridal hairstyling for the big day with one of our professionals. 

Please also book a Bridal Trial to ensure your professional knows exactly how you would like to look on the day.


The Glam Room provides the following waxing services:

  • Upper Lip
  • Eyebrows
  • Face
  • Underarm
  • Legs
  • Full-Service


Each micro-scalp session will add additional density layers, helping to give the appearance of holding full, short hair and vanquishing the sign of any hair loss.

During your initial consultation, we will provide an individualized assessment tailored to your microscalping needs.

COVID-19 Safety commitment

Customer and Stylist Wellbeing

  • All stylists are required to wear well-fitted face masks for their entire shift. We kindly ask that you also wear a well-fitting face mask during your visit.
  • Stylists will wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the salon for your use.
  • Stylist stations and salon chairs are wiped down and sanitized between all services.
  • Each customer will receive a disposable or washed/dried cape before any services begin.

Salon Safety Commitment

The Glam Room is dedicated at keeping and maintaining all our customers safe by following all health and safety measures.

  • Salon will be cleaned and sanitized between all services to comply with all city, county, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Shared surfaces and areas will be frequently wiped down.
  • We encourage the use of contactless payments whenever possible.
  • We kindly request that any customer who is feeling unwell to please reschedule their appointments.


Are appointments required?: Yes, in order to better serve all our clients, appointments are required for all services


Are deposits and/or payments refundable?: No, all deposits are non-refundable. When services are rendered, all sales and payments are final and non-refundable.